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Evolution Clarification

  • I love science! It's like my eyes are finally open and I can see my self as a part of the universe that has become aware of it's own existence. Not like religion, where it says somebody created me just cause they could.
  • This guy sounds black.
  • I really got to thank you Khan Academy before i stumbled upon you guys, i had no interest in science at all.
  • How does believing that all things are designed intelligently reject the fact that things are naturally selected? Why do people insist that both can not coincide? When will the prickly people and the gooey people stop debating? 
  • Some people just like to suck up anything as long as GOD is not involved even to an extent that it degrades their humanity such as human evolution.
  • 4:00, Ah I have not laughed in a long time like that. Rapists and pillagers are reproducing more. No wonder the world is as shitty as it stands.
  • Interesting points. Indeed, how is progress measured?Some will say "by means of change and the ability to adapt to the environment...but this is only halve of the picture.Also your insight of design on the system level makes much sense.Bravo Khan.
  • it's impossible to humans see evolution because if its happens to humans again it is so slow that by the time required the sun will be cold!!! thing about it! 
  • When I see what I call a science denier, I tell them respectfully to look at the flu virus, as it is direct and undeniable evidence of evolution.
  • Ok, that makes sense now. Now I understand why over 3/4 of the people my high school are idiots.
  • America's dumbest generation. Explained by evolution. 
  • جالبه از این نقظه نظر که موقثیت را بر مبنای نعداد فرزندانی می گذاره که شما دارید و ژنها تون را تکثیر کرده اید
  • cooooooool, your teaching is gr8
  • #WhyWeNeedFascism #WhyWeNeedEugenics 
  • Anyone who wants to see more on this topic and laugh their a** off in the process should watch the movie Idiocracy
  • I just believe what The Bible says. Biology is what I study to pass my class and get my degree so I can get a good job in my field.
  • I don't understand why the speaker is so apologetic in this video. Intelligent design is wrong, perod. It's not science. It never will be science. No matter what anybody believes, Intelligent Design will never be true. If the subject has to be brought up at all, it should be to quickly mention why it's wrong and then move on to something of actual value.
  • I love your videos 
  • Stupid people outnumber smart folks . And smart people extinct. lol
  • So the Duggars have successful on a evolutionary level lol 
  • Lol, I totally called on that shit on the previous video! xD That's the spirit, man! 
  • 3:50 "I forgot the statistic".Yes, you did, but that didn't stop you from making one up. :(The actual statistic is: 8% (not 80%) of men (not all people) in the area of the Mongol empire (not all Asia, and in particular not including India)8:00 In this section, I still disagree with you on ID is somehow better at the "system level" than at the individual level. At a philosophical level, we simply cannot know that each instant is not being completely fabricated for us by a designer. There is no evidence for that, but there's no evidence against it either. A designer who simply turns on the machine and walks away is not very impressive. A designer who can micromanage all of this, to make it APPEAR automatic is something factorially (new word? exponentially didn't seem enough) more impressive, you must admit.You're basically saying that ID should be content with a "God of the gaps" definition, which is fine until science learns even more about origins. There will probably always be a gap for gods to hide in. You seem to contradict yourself. "system level" ID does not in any way contradict evolution, because such an ID is currently unfalsifiable. But you say it does. But then you say you're reconciling the two. "System level" ID is not science, because it doesn't come from evidence, and is not testable. But it is compatible with evolution today.I'm not sure why you brought it up at all, actually.
  • is this the material i need to study for the bio clep? or is this just general bio?
  • If you want to see what happens when smart people don't reproduce as much as less smart people you can check out the movie "Idiocracy" by Mike Judge starring Luke Wilson. Khan's "fitness" argument in this video is the basis for the whole movie. 
  • This sadly reminds me of idiocracy, a sort of explanation as to why it 'will' happen. ;)
  • I'm trying the wrap my mind around the whole concept. Does anyone know any good documentaries?
  • Opening of the Mike Judge movie " Idiocracy" explain very well about human evolution.
  • And people wonder what is wrong with the world. Lol
  • This is like idiocracy
  • Very well put. 
  • @Putboy it explains the Who not the How. Telling someone I created something doesn't take away from the process. It's just amazing how it's ridiculous for anything being created by itself but this complex world is self generating. Why is this phenomenon only planet specific?
  • Intelligent design does not object to Science that's an absolute lie.
  • Animal breeders Laughs about ID... Btw about mutation, your immunity system will be trick again this year and you will get the flux, sorry belivers.
  • This video is essentially the premise of the movie Idiocracy
  • @linkfan22 if u want to date back where humans came from then its was indeed not certaintly 'apes' that is so unlogical. The first ever humanbeing who was created was Adam and from him came Eve. From these pairs came many more multiple of humans hence different race and nations of people. why? the answer is...
  • you must be a genius or a seer. you know what other people thinks. i'll bet you can tell what i'm thinking.
  • Can't be tested? look up Transpecies MHC polymorphisms & the implications this has for human and chimpanzee as it turns out there are Alleles in humans that are most closely related to Alleles in chimps AKA the closest relatives of the alleles are not in our species.. they're in another species. The only way to explain this is if the polymorphism originated before speciation. "no proof of MACROevolution"? That is one example of tested proof the fields of molecular & Phylogenetics have many!
  • I can know a lot about you by the comments you make. Your knowledge of evolution is obviously abysmal. What proof do you want? Proof that evolution is observable? Scientists witness changes in organisms all the time. That's evolution. When a bacteria becomes resistant to a medicine, that's evolution. Do you deny that bacteria and viruses become resistant? Do you think new flu shots every year is just a conspiracy to make more money?
  • so you are saying DARWIN beated up LAMARCK
  • like upgrading
  • In about 50 years, anyone who still believes in "intelligent design" will be considered uneducated, idiotic, and delusional. They'll die out like those who used to believe in a flat earth, or in Roman gods, or in millions of other past superstitions. It's just modern progress, slowly shining a light on ignorance. Get over yourselves and deal with it. Educate yourselves now, or be considered a stupid weirdo later.
  • he fucked is mum
  • @DomeSwag You really do like to hear yourself talk. Too bad you don't put as much time into objectively considering alternative thought as you do into trying to develop an eloquent response so you can convince yourself that you look good. The argument stands on it's own. It's also apparent that you've already been brainwashed but I would still invite you and challenge you to read Lee Strobel's book, "Case for a Creator" as he does a pretty good job of presenting the facts.
  • The interpretation of facts presented in science change all the time.What will you position be in a year?2 years? I don't disagree with the concept of evolution as a survival mechanism.But things like the Dinosaurs becoming birds are absurd.
  • i agree if genesis is not literal who cares? that said there is absolutely zero evidence of neo-darwinain evolution. it has never been observed. it has no part in science. creation+n-d-t are both faith based beliefs...
  • The first eleven ''creation chapters'' of Genesis are an integral part of the biblical record.You can't dismiss them as myth & then contend that the rest of the Bible is true.As Creator, Jesus accepted them as accurate, using them as a basis for many of His teachings. If Adam is a myth, then Christ is likewise reduced to mythical status since Paul taught that both were real men who either stand or fall together.While the Bible is not a science book, no scientific discovery has proven it wrong.
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